Saturday, February 14, 2004

Army Intelligence Visits UT Law 

This is dispicable. Yeah. I'm sure there were terrorists hanging out in the Sheffield Room. In fact, by their standards, I'm sure I'm a "suspicous Middle Eastern man" depsite the fact that I'm a whitebread Houstonian from a Southern Baptist family who would likely have to trace his ancestry back to early Mesopotamia to account for any roots in the middle east.

I've alot to say about this type of activity on the part of the government, but I'm not in the mood to spout it now. You make your own decision about whether you want military intelligence snooping around your school demanding videos and people's personal information on account of an event having the word "Islam" in it. Or maybe it was the word "Sexism" and these people were just trying to bravely defend the 19th Amendment? I'm sickened.

Thursday, February 12, 2004


I've added a counter in an effort to effectively advertise my irrelevancy.

Kerry's Pecker 

Put a leash on it.

Scalia Won't Recuse Himself 

I wish I could believe that he was as principled as he says he is. Hell, I wish that about all judges at any level. But wishin' don't paint a barn.

I wonder what the legal realists out there think about this mess. Scot Powe? I sure hope that man teaches someone well enough that he/she can write as enlightening a history of the Rehnquist Court as he did of the Warren Court.

I'd like to hear Brian Leiter weigh in on this at his blog as well.

Open Letter 

Over objections (including mine), NLG national has signed on to this open letter. I think it's reactionary and divisive. There's so much here that needs work. Why are we taking sides in an issue that is half a world away? We're the National Lawyer's Guild. And this letter all but calls me a racist, which I have issues with. Until there is a change in leadership on both sides of that conflict, you won't see me taking sides. Both sides are SO WRONG about SO MUCH (even if both sides are right about a few things as well). Why can't we all just get along? Because the rhetoric on both sides precludes real compromise, and its a damn shame. I support peace and reconciliation. Neither Fatah nor Likud do. Until there is change, why can't organizations like NLG just focus on domestic issues? You know, the ones over which we have some modicum of control and influence.

But I don't completely agree with any organization of which I am a member, that's the name of the game. And where NLG is concerned, the good far outweighs the bad (especially since the bad is signing letters and the good is actually doing something).

Oh, and I can't help but feel some uneasiness about ANSWER. That organization is reactionary in an unproductive way, and it's coloring the peace movement in this country as something it is not (for most participants). I think that's a shame. I want to march in March (hell, it's on my birthday) and I will. But I don't like that I am doing it under the auspices of an organization that has been hijacked by reactionary voices. I don't have a problem with radicals or hard-line leftists. Some might consider me some combination of those things (though I would disagree to some extent). But where are the Dr. Kings of our day? Where are the coalition builders who give a messge of hope, rather than one of antagonism? Give me a leader I can follow without questioning the motives behind the movement!

Human Clones 

Well, they finally did it.

A gaggle of little cell clumps that will totally change the way we look at the world. I've got one question: Do we really need more people? I'm not one of those people (obviously) that thinks god is going to start tossing electricity balls or whatever because we start manufacturing human beings. It just seems like we already have enough of them.

I know, I know. There's alot more to this than just making people. Perhaps if stem-cell therapies take off, and its shown that they can do great good for the people already here, we'll learn that the fears of this technology are unjustified. I suppose those who believe in the sanctity of embryos will likely have a problem with us making them and then harvesting their cells, but I can't help but not really care one way or the other. And if it helps cure people who are already hanging around and doing more than absorb nutrients from the viscous fluid that surrounds them, I'll probably side with science and give stem cell research the thumbs-up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The News 

I watched some TV today. No wonder everything is so fucked up...

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

NLG Update 

I'm glad Kos is on this, because I just don't have time.

Things look good so far. The Feds are backing off at least a little bit, and the court appears to be sympathetic to our efforts.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Here's the Guild press release. Looks like everything's been dropped and they are stepping back. We, on the other hand, are stepping forward, and demanding that Congress investigate this mess.



What's next? Rush?

I gotta hand it to Bill. That's the only honorable thing I've ever seen the man do, and back when I watched TV I used to watch his show all the time in that trainwreck kinda way. Albeit he's trying to blame Tenet instead of the administration, but we can't expect the man to come to his senses completely all at once...

Monday, February 09, 2004

NLG In the Headlines 

As a member of NLG here at the University of Texas, I feel as though I've dropped the ball in not blogging on this.

I don't have time to go into detail right now, but I'll do more later when I do. One quick complaint. Why does the article go out of its way to point out, in the middle of a sentence about the services the Guild provides, that it was "once targeted for alleged ties to communism in the 1950s". So, was the NAACP, but you never read that about them anymore, or SAG or any number of other targets of McCarthyism. Why NLG?

Anyway, the whole thing is a blatant assault on the rights to free speech and assembly and we're going to fight it (and if there's any hope for civil liberties in this country, we're going to win). More later as it comes in and I have time to report it.

UPDATE: Until I have time to do this justice, check out Kos's take on the whole thing, including links to articles and some great comments.

"Kerry Pocketed Speaking Fees" 

Christ, this is just the kinda headline we need.

Once again, Kerry's old guard. I don't like him for it. Better than Bush? Yes. Better than JOHN EDWARDS? No.


Sunday, February 08, 2004

One More Reason to Like Coldplay 

Coldplay is one of just a few bands that are keeping the rock formula alive as a viable style to the true music lover/critic. They're just good enough to make rock music where the product is much more than the sum of its parts (essentially an unadulterated drum/keys/bass/guitar/vocals affair). Well, there's more to like about them...they're unabashedly political.

You go guys. It's like U2 never started to suck.

UPDATE: I don't watch TV, but rumor has it they've struck again at the Grammy's.

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