Friday, January 23, 2004

More Cognitive Dissonance 

Creationists who buy into Social Darwinism (even if they don't know that's what it's called).

The Rush Situation - Plea attempt shot down 

I'm really torn by this fiasco. Ideally, I don't think he should be guilty of a crime for becoming addicted the way that he did (or choosing to use drugs at all). Ideally, this, and all cases of drug addiction, would be treated as a public health issue rather than a criminal one. He should, under this ideal policy structure be entitled to privacy and receive, if any official "criminal" penalty at all, mandatory treatment for his problem without incurring the social costs of having a criminal record on file.

This conflicts with my distaste for Limbaugh, whose hate-filled diatribes against addicts (as well as non-addicted, responsible users as oppposed to abusers, between which he seems to make no distinction) are well-known, and who even stated that the way to correct the discrepency between minority arrests on drug charges and those of whites is to arrest more whites, rather than change the system. Well, here's one more statistic for that column on the spreadsheet, and an appropriate one if you ask me. I get some sense of glee at the backfiring rhetoric. And to be completely honest, I don't care for Rush's views and attitude in general, and would be happy to see him forced off the air, though I hate to admit being pleased at anyone's strife.

Here's how I'm trying to accomodate these two differing views on the whole scandal. I would hope that Limbaugh's experience would provide a lesson for the man and that he may, in light of his addiction, change his tone. He has done no such thing. By his own account, his "mistake" should be a crime and he should face criminal sanctions and is, indeed, a felon. Should he have altered his rhetoric significantly after his personal issue coming to light, I might have some pity for him. As it is...hang him high.

Obviously, the entire issue of drug policy is much larger and more nuanced than I am able (or willing, I suppose) to deal with here in its entirety...so take this for what it is, an on the spot reaction to a recent event. If you want more info on the subject from a perspective that parallels my own to a great degree, I refer you to the links on the left under "Drug Policy", though where I take a "low road" on this particular issue, they would take the high one.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Margaret Cho 

I don't particularly think she's funny...but this is outstanding.

Big ups to Tom Tomorrow for the link.


I've always been flabbergasted by the conservative cognitive dissonance involved in opposing all abortion and birth control while simultaneously opposing even distribution of wealth and/or a social safety net. Is there just no worry about overpopulation (a little more of an obvious reality than even global warming) or is it just a focus on saving souls v. saving lives? Just wondering.

I guess you could factor in stem cell research and organ harvesting into this mess as well, though my stances on those are not solid enough to really expect anyone else's to be either.

Cancers on Democracy 

Dick Cheney and Tom DeLay.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

This Semester 

Is going to be hellishly hard. I just hope it's equally rewarding or I fuckin' quit. (not really)


Man...I really like post-presidential Bill Clinton. He's doing great things for the world right now. Just a note, since I'm usually pretty critical of him (and the whole New Democrat phenomenon). Al Gore appears to be following suit. His speech on global warming was impressive.

If only the Democrats would act like that when they're engaged directly in politics we might actually change some shit around here.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Kerry takes Iowa 

Go fuckin' figure.

I give up on guessing who will win what, and I don't presume to know why who won what it was that was won by said winner. But I can say the results blindsided me.

Of course, that last line was a lie. I'll continue to predict poorly, and Dean flopped from endorsements (contradicted his anti-establishment line) and people wanting someone electable (which would explain Kerry's come-out-of-nowhere win). And NH will see a penguin eat all the candidates except Kucinich, who will go on to win the general after announcing that his VP is a fellow elf from Happy-Magic Land (the invisible 51st state). He'll then sprinkle fairy dust on the Middle East and every gun will turn into a tulip made of love.

UPDATE: Haloscan's fried right now, so no comments. If it doesn't come back up by tomorrow, I'll consider raising a finger to correct the situation.

UPDATE AGAIN: Comments back up...huzzah!

So it Begins...Again... 

Just got back from San Angelo. Spent the weekend with the girlfriend's folks. Did some reading (Tom Robbins is fast becoming a favorite time-killer and brain kick-starter for me) and watched some bad movies (if you get a hankerin' to go see "Cold Mountain", may I suggest some sedatives to get you through it). All in all a relaxing and non-intoxicating way to finish the break, which is probably for the best.

Classes begin tomorrow. That means two things. I'll be blogging more because it's good procrastination, and I'll be learning to get up early because I have early class this semester. Put those two together, and it might make for some pretty fuzzy-headed early morning blogging. We shall see. Either way, it's back to the grind, and back to sitting in front of this computer more often than not.

I just ran into a buddy at the bookstore while spending $395 on books (and still haven't got em all). He informed me that there was work due tomorrow, so I gues I better get my ass in gear. It's been stuck in neutral all break, and I think my ass's clutch might be rusty. But enough about my ass transmission...I've got two social engagements and a Contracts assignment to think about, and I've been on the road all day.

Anywho...wish me luck and all that. HOOK 'EM!!! YEEHAW!!!

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