Friday, January 09, 2004

Okay I Lied 

So I lied when I said I was back. I just took a nice long vacation from everything that reminds me of work, and that includes my computer. Well, now I'm back, so get ready for some more intense blogging action. I'm going to try to get fired up and back to a regular posting schedule.

A shit load has transpired since I last made myself heard, and I'm not the type to go back and make sure I've covered everything, so instead I'm going to pretend like I've been on the ball this whole time and just start posting like I never stopped. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you go check out the unpalatable tripe spewing forth from the major news sources thinly veiled as reasonable journalism and then come crying back to daddy...

Anywho. I imagine I've lost all my readers since mid December, but if you happen to stumble back by to check out the place, enjoy.

As for current events...I'd say the fact that very little has changed in Iraq since the last time I posted suggests that perhaps the neo-con fantasy of injecting democracy into the middle east like flavor into a turkey is a little starry-eyed. Oh, and I'm not saying that because I'm anti-semitic no matter what David Brooks and a slew of wingnut bloggers say, it's because their WHOLE PLAN ISN'T WORKING. And that applies to both jew and non-jew neocons...

The leaps of logic trying to pin the anti-semite tag onto any criticism of the current administration is making me sick to my stomach. Whether that's due to flawed logic or bigot baiting (a new favorite sport of the Right, who used to rail against it when they were perceived as having the bigots in their midst [and they still do, they've just gotten good at distracting people with, say, charges of anti-semitism against anyone who opposes their agenda]) I can't say...I just know it makes me want to vomit. But then again, so does quite a bit of what passes for reporting these days. C'est la vie. The saddest thing about it is watching some friends with heads firmly screwed on shoulders actually towing the line on this one...

UPDATE: Good debate in the comments between myself and Jeff S., with whom I disagree often, but always with a big smile on my face.

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