Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Secretary of State 

Ledeen has a great idea for a new Secretary of State:
State : I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Europe, and was very surprised to hear diplomats complaining bitterly that they felt abandoned by Powell. "Where is he?" they lamented, "we supported him and he left us to fend entirely for ourselves."

The proper care of allies is right up near the top of a secretary of State's mission, and the allies don't give Colin Powell a passing grade. For that alone, he needs to go. There are other reasons, too, above all his weasely performance on Iran (every strong presidential statement was instantly followed by leaks from State undercutting the president's words; the secretary's deputy — and best friend — Richard Armitage called Iran "a democracy," which may be the great mal mot of this administration).

Finally, there's Powell supine acceptance of Foggy Bottom's conventional wisdom on every subject, forgetting that the foreign service isn't supposed to make our foreign policy; it's supposed to carry out the president's policies.

Who should replace him? Zell Miller .
This person seriously thinks that Zell Miller would make a good Sec. of State. This is the same Zell Miller that challenged Chris Matthews to a duel when he got upset during an interview. I don't think that's the kind of diplomacy we need right now...

UPDATE: Link added...and Ledeen is with the National Review, for those who don't know.


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