Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Researchers" have found Atlantis/Tourism dollars 

Well...mystery solved...nothing to see here.

You see, an "American researcher" proclaims "we have definitely found the acropolis of Atlantis." Well, thank you Robert Sarmast for solving that little mystery.
Sarmast, 38, is an architect by training from Los Angeles.
Hmmm...what do the local experts think of this?
The chief government archaeologist of Cyprus, Pavlos Flourentzos, reacted with skepticism, telling The Associated Press: "More proof is necessary."
But what does an archaeologist know about uncovering lost civilizations that your average "architect by training" doesn't? Nothing. But I'll tell you what an "architect by training" (and New Age nancy by trade) knows about that most "real" archaeologists probably don't: big money, baby!
Sarmast said his expedition had cost about $250,000. The funds came from public donations to his US-based company "First Source Enterprise," which is devoted to the project, sales of his book "The Discovery of Atlantis," and the Cypriot Tourist Organization, which donated $60,000.

He said the book, published in September 2003, said Atlantis was in the east Mediterranean and his latest sonars confirmed it.
Wait, you mean this wasn't a standard, university or state sponsored archeaological expedition?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure "First Source Enterprise" is an upstanding legal entity and all that. And I'm not saying that private sector science isn't a good thing. But we all know that anything "private sector" has a goal, and that the goal is to make money. Now when the profits roll in because you cure a disease, have at it. But when the goal is tourism dollars and kooky New Age book sales, I think your credibility is wearing a bit thin. Like Alexandra Kerry at Cannes thin.

So why do I give a shit whether this guy discovered Atlantis or not? Hell, maybe he did. I just don't understand how, with all the exciting stuff going on in science right now, the CNN.com science section is running this totally inconclusive hack job.

As you were.


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