Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Jail or War 

Me - "Hey, Coerced Military Service. How's it goin' man!"

CMS - "Not bad, Tbag. You see, nobody wants a draft. So instead of forcing people to start serving, we've decided not to let anyone stop serving.'"

Me - "Yeah...I heard about that. But if you think Stop Loss Policies are groovy, you should check out what I got: Backdoor Drafts! You don't know fun til you've found military personel who have long since completed their service to this nation honorably, and tried to send them back to war...it's the coolest!"

CMS - "That's so September 10th! You're not a man til you've given a convicted criminal the choice of going to jail or going to war."

Me - "Finally, the perfect blend of the 'war on terror' and the 'war on drugs'. Those commericals that claimed smoking pot helped terrorists were hilarious, but you guys have really taken it to the next level, bro. This is the bomb!"

CMS - "I was wondering why they insisted on locking up thousands of non-violent people for having dead plants. They weren't criminals...they were future soldiers. Hell, we're only one step away from merging the prison industrial complex with the military industrial complex."

Me - "What would it be then, the Giganto Industrial Complex?!?"

CMS - "No, that would be the end of a free society."

Me - "Oh. Shit. That's a downer."

CMS - "Dude, I fucking suck."

Me - "Yeah...you do fucking suck."

UPDATE: Well. Apparently, the army won't have the guy afterall. Sighs of relief all around. At least we haven't gone that far down that path yet...


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