Thursday, October 28, 2004


I went and voted today. Initially, I went to the Fiesta north of the law school, but I didn't vote there. The line was fairly long and moving slowly. As I stood in the moderately long, slowly moving line, I realized that I didn't have my voter registration card, my license says Houston, and I wasn't in my precinct. I'm not sure if those things add up to "you don't get to vote," but I decided not to wait and find out.

I went home and got my voter registration card and then parked on the drag to vote at the UGL (that's the Undergraduate Library on UT campus for my imaginary out-of-town readers). Well, actually, I parked on the drag to get a cheesesteak and then realized I was right by the UGL, but for the sake of this moving post about the youth vote and sharply divided partisan energy, I'm going to pretend I went there on purpose.

The point is the line was a mile long, and the people were actually excited. I'm a politics junky and I really do think that civic action and committment are a responsibilities we all share. To see people active and informed is always nice. But I've been here at UT for 3 elections now, one of them for president, and I have never seen it like that. There were steadily about 100 people in line, and everyone was waiting patiently and talking politics.

I know, I know...it's a college campus. But I really am getting the feeling that a lot is hanging on this election, and a lot more people are involved than we've seen in a long time. That's beautiful, but all of these people are very sharply divided.

I'm worried that if the election is close, and it is won by lawsuit by either side, that division will become even more stark and intense.

UPDATE: Edited to remove cartoon scariness - I can't think of a way of saying "shit might get outta hand" that doesn't sound retarded...so I'll leave it at "shit might get outta hand," and that's a bad thing. I like my shit well in-hand.


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