Monday, October 11, 2004

San Diego 

Can't beat the weather out here.

I'm staying in the Hilton north of town, which isn't nearly as cool as the Standard, but damn nice nonetheless. De La Soul's tourbus just pulled up a while ago...guess they're playing a date here tonight. If I didn't have to leave for the airport early in the morning, I'd have to figure out where that was going down. Maybe once my interview is over I'll take a nap to rest up for crashing an afterparty.

The rest of my time in L.A. was inspired. Good friends, great show (Bugz in the Attic at the Toro Lounge), and some good afterpartying.

Right now I'm trying not to think about the OU game...at least it wasn't a blowout this year. It'd be nice if we had a little offense, though.

I'm taking a much needed break from thinking about politics too much, but that'll start back up again once my trip is over. I wish I could fly out tonight...I miss my girlfriend and need to get more work done than I can make myself do on the road.

That's about that.


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