Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Rove Gambit? 

I'm way to lazy right now to actually dig up links for stuff in this post...

I'm assuming everyone has read somewhere that the Falluja assault would be put off until after the election. Some on the left were whining about how Bush was refusing to act big in Iraq until after the election for political reasons (i.e., it would be bad for Bush to have a sudden rise in U.S. military deaths in Iraq just before the election).

I think the left played into Rove's hands, there.

Bush is on his heels in the campaign and so he floats this thing just enough to hit a slight buzz in the media, and now he's initializing the attack today (the day after the debates). Officials, of course, are saying "this is not the assault to take back Falluja." (saw that just now on CNN) That's a way of trying to lower expectations before, and cover Bush's back door if this blows up in his face, but the benefits will still rain down if the city falls and any semblance of order is restored.

I'm not saying the whole thing was orchestrated for political ends, I'm just describing the politics surrounding a military maneuver that I hope would have happened as the military planned regardless of what the politics of the situation were. And I think Rove did this really well...


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