Wednesday, October 20, 2004

RIP Deloris Whitmer 

My grandmother passed away yesterday. It's a blessing, if you believe in that sort of thing. She had almost completely lost her mind over the last several years, which was terrible to watch because, growing up, she was a strong woman. She graduated from the top of her class in her small high school, and was a working woman before that was an acceptable thing to be. She met my grandfather and they moved to Texas.

It's a strange feeling because I've missed her for some time now, only rarely catching glimpses of the woman I knew as a child in a few moments of lucidity she could force when I would visit her in Houston. Now, I can go back to remembering her as she was before she fell into dementia. I can remember my grandmother, instead of the woman I would go visit who was so frightened all the time.

And now my dad, who has been nothing short of heroic in caring for her, and protecting her from herself, can rest a little as well. I hope he finds peace in this as she has done.

RIP Grandma.


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