Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Rehnquist Thing 

I find the whole "what if Rehnquist steps down before January" line of thinking to be a little too morbid, despite it's relevance.

As Salon puts it:
If Rehnquist were to resign or -- how to put this gently? -- otherwise leave the court before Jan. 20, Bush would have the constitutional power to nominate someone to replace him.
And as I respond:

The man has thyroid cancer and several other severe health problems. If he steps down or "otherwise leave[s] the court," it will be a sad day because whether you agree with the man or not, he's been a good Chief Justice.

Sometimes politics ought to take a sideline. It's been harder for me to make a decision on when that time is since Bush has been in power, because his political operatives don't seem to draw that line anywhere, and my baser instinct is to return the favor.

But in this case...let the Chief Justice make his own decisions about his health and try to battle his condition to the best of his ability while providing support, instead of speculation on the potential political fall-out from his possible death.


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