Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A. Q. Kahn v. Saddam Hussein 

Greg at The Talent Show explains it better than I can.

What he misses is that the whole WMD argument was just something the administration used to bring some "sensible" people on board for the Iraq war who weren't about to buy the "triple bank-shot democracy domino effect" argument that is the real reason the ideologues who took us to war in Iraq did what they did.

He is right to say that this administration is not serious about nuclear proliferation. If they were, Iraq would have been behind several other nations in the "needs to be attacked and occupied" category even if you buy into the flawed assumption that war with states is a proper method of combatting a stateless enemy.

UPDATE: On a less serious note, The Talent Show (which will be appearing on my blogroll soon...good shit) also takes on Debategate (gategate) and how the right-wing blogs have proven that Kerry cheated in the debate by taking a pen from his pocket. Greg shows how if Kerry had a pen, then Bush had a huge cheat-sheet and which is worse, blah blah blah - but then he makes the really important point:
Like all scurrilous charges brought up by the right-wing, there's a gaping logical flaw in this whole "Kerry is a cheater" pseudo-scandal. Let's assume for a moment that John Kerry did cheat and pulled out a ream of notes from his jacket. If that's the case and John Kerry had been breaking the rules, how is it his fault that Bush is bitchy and retarded?
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