Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Major Speech on Terrorism 

Bush's major speech on terrorism, as anyone with a brain knew beforehand, was really a ruse to get a campaign speech aired for free by cable news.

Well Ezra at Pandagon delves into how much Bush talked about terrorism in this major, important address on that very subject.

Did a quick term count in yesterday's "major" speech on terrorism. The results, amazingly, are even more ridiculous than I expected:
• Frequency of John Kerry (with the terms "Senator", "Senator Kerry", or "my opponent"): 41

• Frequency of "Saddam Hussein": 4

• Frequency of "Al Qaeda": 1

• Frequency of "Osama bin-Laden" or "bin-Laden": 0
The verdict? For a guy everyone claims is so serious about fighting terrorism, he sure doesn't talk about it much in his "major speeches on terrorism."


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