Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kerry and Nation Building 

I've been lazy about responding to Jeff H. on Kerry and democracy building.

Here's a bit from his book, reposted at The Talent Show. It focuses more on open economies and stability, which may be exactly what Jeff is talking about. Of course, from where I'm sitting, that's just realism in nation-building and not pessimism, as some might suggest.

Here's a post by Matt Y. that in its own luke-warm way responds to the same challenge that Jeff H. put to me.

I think the big difference between the two is comes down to realism. I don't think Kerry would have gone into Iraq on the triple bank shot domino effect theory of democracy spreading and nation building. That's a good thing to me. I don't think it's going to work (though I'd love to be proven wrong on that count). So if that kind of faith in transformative democracy through carpet-bombing and regime change is what is required to put up appropriate stats in the "really, really digs democracy" column, then Kerry wouldn't break any records on that stat and neither would I.

If, however, nurturing democracy through reasoned diplomacy, using intelligence and the military to strike against terrorists when fortuitous, cutting off funding to terrorist organizations, sanctioning and carrying a big stick when it comes to those states that support terrorism, and only going to war when it's absolutely necessary sounds like a more realistic approach to you, then maybe Kerry's a reasonable alternative to waging this war.


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