Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fair and Balanced 

I've noticed on several occasions that "Fair and Balanced" Fox News has tacitly, passively recognized its own bias. Normally, this happens when I am watching TV at my girlfriend's house and switch to Fox to get the ol' blood pressure goin'. I'm always about to blog about it when I realize that to substantiate seeing what I saw, I would have to wait for a transcript and then go hunt it down. I'm a lazy bastard.

Well I finally found an instance that is already online and easily link-to-able.

It happens in the context of Bill O'Reilly's recent troubles with one of those frivolous lawsuits the right is always braying about. I won't discuss the details of the lawsuit because Tbagged... is pretty clearly a family site. If you want to read about Bill, vibrators and falafel, however, click here.

Here's the portion of the whole thing relevant to this post, via Salon:
O'Reilly's attorneys alleged that the lawsuit was motivated not only by greed but politics, alleging that Mackris' lawyer, Benedict Morelli, his firm and his wife are "known supporters of and contributors to the Democratic Party" who wanted to "embarrass and tarnish the reputations of Fox and O'Reilly" during the election season.
Now, if Fox really believed it was fair and balanced, then why would it automatically assume that supporters of the Democratic party would attack it with a frivolous, politically driven suit? Shouldn't it be secure enough in it's fairness and balancedness not to check out the political leanings of those who file suit against it or its talking heads?

And note what the Fox lawyer is saying. The lawyers for this woman are somehow filing a politically motivated suit. That's interesting since they would have to find a client to file a sexual harassment suit like this. What did these nasty Democrat lawyers do, hang around outside the Fox News studios asking all young, female producers if the station's flagship pundit had rubbed one out while having a dirty phone conversation with them until they found one that fit the bill (pun intended)?



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