Friday, October 29, 2004

Evolution and Creationist Propaganda 

This post by Greg at the Talent Show gives us the cover and first page of the cover story of the new National Geographic magazine.

It's a beauty. A smackdown to the regressive folks who believe that God created man 6000 years ago out of nothing, and then fashioned woman from man's rib.

I'm not saying that all religious people are regressive, but those who use their fable to try to staunch science are regressive, and though they have a right to say what they (wrongly) think, nobody has to listen to them. It's great to see National Geographic laying down the law...

The title of the cover story?
Was Darwin Wrong?
The answer is provided in huge block text on the first page of the article:
Damn straight.

UPDATE: From the department of making myself absolutely clear.

I don't think it's wrong to be religious. I am agnostic, not atheist. I think freedom of religion is extremely important. I also think that freedom of science and attention to truth are extremely importnat. It is only when religious people argue against sound science based on their beliefs without anything but their beliefs to back them up that I think they are wrong.

My parents are both very faithful people, and active in their Southern Baptist church. They also understand that Evolution is not a flimsy theory to be rebutted by spouting bible verses. They are not wrong.

"Creation scientists", who use religion as a cudgel to beat science, are wrong.

I hope I've made myself clear.


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