Monday, September 27, 2004

Smoke 'em if you got 'em 

Funny Headline of the Day!

108 Year Old Man Starts Smoking Again

You see, he was a cigar smoker, but quit at the spritely age of 99 because he couldn't afford them anymore. Well, the story made the media and afficionados everywhere started sending the old coot MORE CIGARS!

Said one dude:
"At 108, they can't do him much harm."
Well...that's patently false - they can probably do him more harm than they would do to...say...me or anyone else who has NOT been slowly rotting for over a century, but I guess the point is it really doesn't matter, and on that we can all agree.

So big ups to the cigar smoking fogey!

Note - if the content of late seems less serious than usual, it's because I'm battling a case of severe shrillness right now, and any attempt at political commentary I've made lately devolves into sputtering, shrieks and threats, which isn't fun for anyone but me.


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