Monday, September 06, 2004

Nomination Speech and Iraq 

Matt Y. goes to town on Bush's assertions about Iraq in his nomination-acceptance speech. It's a long-ass post, but a must read for anyone who is still trying to valiantly defend Bush's war against...well...reality.

I've very intelligent friends who aknowledge to a certain extent that Bush Co. has been less than perfect in thier handling of the wars they've engaged in, but remain certain that Bush is the lesser of two evils because the Democrats have not put forth any viable alternative where the War on Terra (tm) is concerned. I think this opinion must rest on the premise that the Iraq war is somehow a linchpin of that larger war. I think this premise is absurd, and I've said so since the first grumblings about bombing Saddam started spewing forth from the Fox Propaganda Channel.

I think the first step to recognizing there is an alternative is to accept that there needs to be one. Matt's post on Bush's blathering disingenuousness about Iraq is a good place to start for those for whom foreign policy is pivotal or, as it is for some, the only thing that seems to matter at all.


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