Thursday, September 09, 2004

Kitty Kelley - Worthless Bitch 

So Sharon Bush is denying that she said she saw Bush do blow at Camp David during the '90s...

I have two thoughts on this:

1) Kitty Kelley is a Worthless Bitch.

I think it's too bad that the claims in her book are going to get any traction - and they will do so because of stories like this. Sharon is doing the typical Democratic screw-up by denying what should be laughed at. Just as Kerry should have laughed at the SBVT nonsense, everyone in the Bush campaign should laugh at Kelley's tripe.

The problem is they can't laugh it off because "character" is their strength, and this could undercut it - just as Kerry couldn't laugh off the Vietnam garbage because his service is the public face of his foreign policy credentials (though he certainly has more than that beneath that public face).

Dirty dirty dirty and it's only going to get worse.

2) Past drug use shouldn't matter - we should focus on abuse (and if there is none, no problem)

I don't see why using cocaine should impugn your ability to run the country. Now I know it's more about whether or not he lied than it is about the coke use, but I think that drugs-as-bad politics should go the way of the fucking dinosaur. Now if he's demonstrably an addict and it affects his everyday life, there's a problem...same for alcohol. We have to separate use from abuse with all psychotropic substances...

I thought we were getting over this when Clinton's retarded "I didn't inhale" garbage didn't sink him, or Bush's rather revealing and equally retarded non-answer on past cocaine use didn't sink him, but it just keeps coming up over and over again.

I'd much rather have a president that does cocaine occasionally than one that takes Prozac all the time.


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