Monday, August 16, 2004

Recognition for Rants 

Brian Leiter has posted to the main site of his blog a comment (read: half-witted diatribe) I made in response to an earlier post. He has it linked through at his page, so I won't do all the work.

Here's the post. Read the comments for more ranting from yours truly...

Because I posted under my real name, this totally destroys the pseudoanonymity I sort of adhere to on this site, but I don't really care. It should also be noted that I crafted both of my comments/rants while at work through the web interface, so please excuse the hasty, disconnected state of affairs...

Of course, Leiter only refers to my comment as "interesting" and not "informed" or "intelligent," so it's entirely possible that he's just having a laugh at my expense with his big-brained friends.

We report, you decide.


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