Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Not sure how that order happened. Go Blogger!

I really gotta change this thing over to a better system (though Blogger is getting better and better, which is more than I can say for Google).

So instead of reading me whine about how busy I am, keep yourself busy with this...incredible how Cheney can publically try to placate both his gay daughter and the bigots who want to change our constitution. Regardless of what the Post says, Cheney's words merely state that he thinks there should be "freedom" for gay couples (whatever that means...Bush has rendered that word meaningless through his Orwellian usage) and that it should be a decision for the states, but that nameless "judges" have somehow changed the law (i.e., actually done their job and interpreted constitutions) without a mandate from the people. What the post neglects to mention is that the obvious next step in that line of logic, the means of preventing these activist judges from letting homos take over our country, is to amend the constitution. So he, like his boss/puppet, is simply straddling fences, trying to keep his base behind him while he placates to his own daughter and those who woudl support her before him.


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