Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Kerry Suggests a New War Plan 

For those who say that no Democrat has a viable alternative to the shit-mess we've made of the "war on terror."
Read this.

If getting Rummy out is not a solid proposal at this point I don't know what is. The guy has fucked shit up from day one and continues to do so without slowing or really seeming to know what's actually going on in the world. The best thing we can do to help the effort against Al Quaeda is get him out...and Kerry's saying that and proposing solid alternatives.

So short of parroting the failed policies of the Bush administration, I don't know what is expected of the Dems from those clinging to the idea that this war (Iraq, not the real war on terror) was a good idea (understandable) and those who believe it is being prosecuted properly (incomprehensible).


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