Monday, April 26, 2004

Noah's Ark 

What a crock of shit.

Just how are they going to "prove" it's Noah's Ark? Carbon dating? Does that mean it should be a few thousand years old? Perhaps this will finally disprove that pesky theory of evolution.

Maybe they'll just find it and then ask god what he thinks...

I can't believe CNN put this in the "Science" section. Wanna put it in "Religion"? Fine by me. That's where it belongs. And I don't have any problem with people trying to substantiate the bible through exploration and excavation. It's fun, like looking for Troy or Atlantis. But the way the article is framed is unnerving to me...

A quick google on the guy in charge of this VERY SCIENTIFIC PROJECT shows him:

Trying to protest the release of Kevin Smith's "Dogma".
Opposing gay marriage, abortion, etc.
And again with the gay marriage.

He's a right to advocate his cause(s), but should not be allowed to do so under the name "science." Ever.

Just so you know who he is, here's the graf from the story at cnn.com:

A joint U.S.-Turkish team of 10 explorers plans to make the arduous trek up Turkey's tallest mountain, at 17,820 feet, from July 15 to August 15, subject to the approval of the Turkish government, said Daniel P. McGivern, president of Shamrock- The Trinity Corporation of Honolulu, Hawaii.

The "Trinity Corporation?" Is this guy trying to sound like a lunatic? I would expect Fox News to report this guy as some type of scientist, but CNN? I guess it's time to lower my expectations of mass media yet again...if that's possible.


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