Thursday, April 22, 2004

John O'Neill 

That's the Houston attorney who has been hitting the airwaves with attacks on Kerry. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out this link. He's pissed about Kerry's anti-war activities, specifically (and understandably so) about accusations of war crimes perpetrated by U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. He also claims Kerry ain't the hot shit his record makes him out to be (how much his dislike of Kerry's post-action activities colors this opinion I'll leave to you to infer).

Well, the guy's from Houston, and practices law there. David gave me the heads-up on this cat a while back, and here he is in the limelight. If David comments on this post, I'll post it up as an update. He used to work with O'Neill and has some interesting insight...

And if you wanna see the "left wing attack machine," such as it is, in action...check out this post at the Daily Kos. With all the talk of dirty politics on the part of the Repubs lately, it's nice to see the Democrats can sling some mud as well...well, nice if you like dirty politics I suppose. I mean, because someone who used to work for V & E and Bush works with O'Neill, then O'Neill is a Bush hack? That's almost as sad as the attempted character assassination of Clarke...

Anyway...interesting stuff. I just don't understand how a guy who went to war and fought can be so virulently opposed to a guy who went to war and fought while apparently letting the guy who weaseled out of serving off the hook. But I'll let David speak more to that if he wants...he definitely knows more about it than I do.

UPDATE: David fills in the gaps:

I used to work for John O'Neill at his law firm Clements, O'Neill, Peirce, Wilkons, Pierce, and Fulkerson.

The CNN link will give you the basic info. John O'Neill operated Kerry's boat after he left. In Kerry's anti-war activities he pretty explicity accused all US soliders of regularly committing war crimes. O'Neill was infuriated by these comments. They debated each other on the Dick Cavett show in 1971. C-Span had a link, I don't know if they still do. Its over an hour and intense.

Needless to say, John O'Neill really despises Kerry. I was pretty humored by DailyKos b/c unlike most smear campaigns by both sides, its hard to separate fact from fiction. In this instance, I knew the facts. DailyKos didn't really mistate the facts. Rather it omitted many inconveinent facts and spun the other facts to a commical extent.

John O'Neill is not Bush-Hack. In fact, the Houston Chronicle article that dailykos refers to fails to mention that the head of the democratic party in Houston was quoted in that article saying as much.

Given that the Dems are going up against the Dark Arts of Rove, I am not the least bit surprised they've resorted to similar tacitcs. Unfortunately, they are often very effective.

There you have it...


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