Sunday, April 18, 2004

Israel Kills Another Hamas Leader 

This is such a difficult issue for me to think about.

I think that Hamas has to go. Of that I have no doubt. They are setting back the cause of their people because of both their unbending philosophy and their rather horrific methods. On the other hand, I understand why they are so upset, and how the young among them could be led to believe their cause is righteous.

I don't doubt Israel's stake in the elimination of Hamas, and stepping into their shoes, they must use the resources they have to protect their own. I can't condemn that outright.

I hate thinking about this conflict. We need moderates on both sides, but the extremists on both sides retain power by killing each other and many innocents around them. The only way to stop the killing, it seems to me, is to have moderate leadership, willing to truly compromise and work together on both sides. And yet it is the violence perpetrated by extremists on both sides that sustains and strengthens their power. You can't stop the violence without stopping the violence is not a good situation to be in. I'm not sad to see Rantisi go, but will it change anything aside from the cold bodies:warm bodies ratio in that part of the world? I think not.

What do you do when faced with perpetual war?

UPDATE: AP saying that the Rantisi killing has made Hamas more popular. Weaker, perhaps, but more popular. Is that a good thing? Weaker may be good, but more popular will be more onerous over time than weaker is good in the short term...


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