Thursday, April 01, 2004

Energy Taskforce 

Finally, Cheney may have to turn over some documents from the "Energy Taskforce" that will actually mean something.

If these documents come out while this (in my opinion retarded) political firefight over gas prices is still underway, it could prove disasterous for the Oil Administration if there is even the slightest hint of impropriety. This would be compounded exponentially if the name "Ken Lay" comes up in those documents in a way that implicates him in any tomfoolery, or even simply exposes him as a heavy-hitter in the decisionmaking process.

I think the corporate scandal buggaboo is hiding just under the surface of the public consciousness right now and it'll just take a spark to reignite the public disgust and anger at the Lays of the world (whether or not he's really culpable). If that reignition occurs and is somehow connected to the Bush Administration (like through the documents alluded to above) there will be hell to pay from the public. If that occurs two things will happen. 1) Bush will NOT get re-elected, even if Kerry campaigns the rest of the year with a turban on and grows a mustache. 2) Judicial Watch will lose it's table at the RNC.


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