Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Drug Stuff 

Clearly this man is a danger to society. He should be locked up with murderers and rapists for what he has done.

Imagine a priest trying to ease the suffering of the dying. THE AUDACITY!!! I'm utterly disgusted by this blatant show of sickening humanity and concern for others. Clearly, if someone was in unimaginable pain on his deathbed, and Jesus was standing next to him holding a plant (that his dad or his other manifestation or whatever created, presumably) that, if smoked, would help lessen the pain and allow the dying person to once again hunger for food and sustain himself, Christ would sweetly whisper into the dying man's ears, "you can't have this medicine, because John Waters, the drug czar, without any evidence backing him up, says quite clearly that it will cause you to grow multiple heads and eat babies."

Over the top? Sorry, I'm just a little pissed after reading this, writing a long ass post about it, and then losing it. Long story short (or whatever): If a person gets to the point in her career (see, gender sensitive like a casebook I am!) where she is being appointed to some office, I assume (or at least hope) that's because she's the best person for the job. If she smokes pot, I want her to KEEP SMOKING IT if that's a part of her being so good at what she does, not change her apparently successful and effective lifestyle because instead of a glass of wine to relax in the evening or on the weekend she smokes a spliff. Fuck moralists and fuck the "testing industry." Now, there's a lot more wrong with this whole scheme (like invasion of privacy and false positives to name but a couple of many issues), but I don't feel like trying to duplicate my last post, because it was a stroke of fucking genius...and now it's gone. I think I'm gonna cry...right into my valium-sprinkled whiskey (which those tests wouldn't register, so clearly it is highly conducive to optimal workplace aptitude!).


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