Monday, March 29, 2004

Under God 

I was about to start a post on the "Under God" case now before the Supreme Court, and found that Brian Leiter was already all over it, with a lot of help from Douglas Laycock (coolest name for a law professor...ever) who wrote a brief in the case. I'm not about to try to do better than those two, so here it is.

The scary part is Leiter's conclusion:

...the only real question now is how much damage the Supreme Court will do to the separation of church and state in the course of finding some tortured rationale for allowing the federal government to require every schoolchild to affirm the supremacy of the deity in order to affirm his or her patriotism. If we're lucky, the damage will be minimal. If we're not lucky...

If only I could convince myself that he's wrong. Jesus Christ God Mary and The Holy Ghost on a Cross of Heavenly Salvation I wish we had true religious freedom in this country...you know...the kind that would allow you to choose NO RELIGION AT ALL.

Just to fend off the inevitable response. I'm not saying we should MANDATE no religion at all, just leave it open as a choice to our citizens. Allow me to pledge allegiance to my country without lying (i.e., acknoledging a "God" that I don't believe exists). That's all I ask.


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