Thursday, March 04, 2004

Segregation II 

Holy shit...

I can't believe this is even re-entering our public debate.

The Bush administration has earmarked $297 million each year for "innovative programs" in education, including single-sex schools. Ms. Aspey said the department did not track how much of the money was going to same-sex instruction.

Mm hmm...

So "innovative programs" is how it's phrased, but there is no data as to which exciting new "programs" the money is going to.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that perhaps this deals with the social conservative ideal of "shaping roles" according to sex. Girls Schools will be veritable conservatories focused on home economics and Boys Schools will focus on molding young men into overbearing dicks hell-bent on returning society to a pre-enlightenment nightmare of "faith-based" social structuring and an economy founded on principles of Social Darwinism (though Biological Darwinism will, of course, not make an appearance in the curriculum).

I kid...I kid...


Okay, actually that's exactly what I imagine the goal being, but it's probably as much a factor of the amount of sleep I got last night as anything else.

Besides, don't they worry that this kind of structuring of education will lead to the dreaded Gay? Just think of a same-sex kindergarten class when Ms. Fuddyduddy asks, "Who do you want to marry when you grow up?" and the class looks around...

I think this bespeaks clear capture of the Administration's education policy makers by members of the Foundation for the Advancement of a Gay World Institute of Narnia (or FAGWIN). Breeders beware. Rod Paige is clearly a homo-terrorist operative.

(If this post offends you, send money and I'll stop)


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