Monday, March 08, 2004

Rudy Draws a Line 

(via Hesiod)

Rudy Giuliani opposes the Hate Amendment.

It's refreshing to see there is such a thing as the "compassionate conservative" even if none of them appear to reside in Washington (or the Deep South). Rudy really did display the leadership and courage on 9/11 that Bush claims in his ads politicizing the tragedy. I don't agree with a great deal of the man's policies, but I certainly like him better on grounds of character than our President, VP, Sec. of Defense, etc.

I'm also holding out hope that Colin Powell will return to the land of sane some time in the near future.

UPDATE: Patrick points out (correctly) in comments that calling the FMA the "Hate Amendment" as I do makes a blanket statement that supporters are hateful. I don't think Patrick is hateful, so allow me to alter my nomenclature: The Discrimination Amendment will do for me. Once again, it's about civil rights. i don't think everyone who backs the amendment is hateful (though I've no doubt that some truly are), but I do think they intend to write discrimination into the constitution, which I cannot abide by...

If they were to alter the text so as to actually allow for civil unions, I might downgrade the name to "The Quirky Defense of a Word Amendment" or something like that.


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