Sunday, March 28, 2004

Powell On Clarke 

Just an interesting tidbit. We all know how I feel about Powell (still holding on "slightly positive"), and I'm sure the last few (lengthy) posts have given away my (slightly shaded by partisanship) opinion of Clarke (also positive). So here we go with Powell on Clarke:

In a television interview, Powell said Clarke had "served his nation very, very well" and was "an expert in these matters," referring to counterterrorism.

While saying Clarke's book is "not the complete story," Powell said on the PBS program "NewsHour" that he was "not attributing any bad motives" to Clarke.

"I'm not aware of a campaign against Mr. Clarke, and I am not a member," he said. "The book is the book, and you can read it and make your own judgment as to whether it's accurate."

Here's the link. Via Digby.

Saying that he is unaware of a campaign against Mr. Clarke is a little hard to believe since I assume Powell does not live under a rock or in a sound-proof booth of some kind, but I'll let that slide.

The point is, when the one person in the administration that I would still trust to watch my books while I take a piss at the library refuses to join in the barrage of attacks against a guy that criticized the administration, it lends credit to the criticism in my eyes...


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