Monday, March 01, 2004


Kevin Drum has a post on the good news coming out of Iraq. Does this make me happy? Yes. Do I think most of these things are good or could turn out to be good? Yes. (follow links in Kevin's post for "most of these things") Does this make me retroactively okay with the run-up to war and the method of its prosecution? Of course not.

Before you start calling me recalcitrant, realize that a few good collateral effects are not a good reason to make a flawed decision.

That said, it's nice to see some commentary on Iraq that can focus on the positive given that we're there and nobody with more than a few brain-cells is saying that we should get out today. As long as we're there and we've deposed a bad leader, it's nice to see there might be some more positivity to be sqeezed out of this.

I remain skeptical, however, that when all of this is over, it will be looked back upon as a good idea (at least by those with my misgivings and proclivities).

Talk about a luke-warm attempt at positivity, Christ. There's a reason I was ignoring foreign policy.


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