Thursday, March 11, 2004

Halliburton, Cont. 

Lots of ammo on the ol' Hally these days...

Here's a good graph:

The warning was contained in a memo the Pentagon's defence contract audit agency sent on January 13 to the US Army Corps of Engineers, citing deficiencies in Halliburton's contracting proposals and questioning the company's ability to supply "fair and reasonable prices".

Note: that warning sent BEFORE we awarded them the contract.

No shit. Well...good thing we gave them billions in government contracts for rebuilding Iraq. Once again, I trust our VP will sort this out with dignity and forthright, ethical supergoodness.

So the standard argument is that "Halliburton is the best company to do the job." I argue that if they are ripping us off, then that assertion is simply not true. The other argument is that they're "the only company who can do the job." Well, if that's true then we have a serious flaw in our system, as competition is what should be driving the market. Remember my little "anarcho-capitalist" friends that at some point corporations get big enough that they become about as efficient as the state, and about as trustworthy. Walk that line, because falling off on either side leads to inefficiency, corruption, and greed at the expense of progress (or profit, however you want to look at it).

(edited to surgically remove a bit of dumbassery)


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