Thursday, March 11, 2004

Ginsburg and NOW 

Kevin Drum points to an article about Ruth Bader hangin' out with the ladies from NOW and then voting in a case in which they filed an amicus brief, and she voted with the brief.

Kevin points this out to counter the hubbub about Scalia and Cheney, and I think it does shed some light on the issue. He argues, however, that this means we should just drop it, and not worry about conflicts of interest. I think this just means the conflict of interest problem is systemic and needs to be dealt with. I'm not saying justices should recuse themselves from all cases they feel strongly about, that's not the point. But if you're publicly giving speeches on ideological issues or hunting/hangin' out with parties to a case, that's another issue, and whether you're name is Ruth or Antonin, it seems like there might be some issues of impartiality.


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