Monday, March 01, 2004

E-mail is Funny 

This study is pretty funny (if wholly statistically irrelevant and a total waste of time).

Reminds me of the time I was trying to send an e-mail to my friends at work about how my boss is, like, this crazy psycho bitch and I was, like, totally going to egg her house, and instead I sent it to my boss, her entire family, local authorities, and the Pope, who was, like, totally offended because my boss was all Catholic and stuff and then I got fired because my ex-boss the superbitch thought I shoulda been spending my time at work on "work-related matters." Gawd, what a riot!!!

But seriously, I did hear a rumor about a friend here at school that did something along these lines to pretty funny effect. I won't spread rumors, but it was a guy who was trying to send something to only guys about girls and sent it to the girls, too by accident. Isn't that funny?

Ah, fuck it.


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