Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Today, several American citizens were killed in Iraq and their bodies were dragged through the streets and mutilated. The perpetrators then proceeded to dance in the streets under the hanging corpses. I'm absolutely disgusted and more than a little taken aback.

As to the victims of this brutality, why can't we just say "mercenaries" instead of "contractors". We do have a word for it.

But let's be honest. If we are going to engage in the semantic contontionism required to come up with "homicide bombers" then we should at least be honest enough to say "mercenary". I'm not even bashing the "homicide bomber" thing. It's true. They kill other people. I don't think "suicide bomber" necessarily needed correction as they also kill themselves. But, if we're going to go that far let's not call the people who work for "Blackwater Security Consulting" anything less specific than "mercenary".

The attacks today (and subsequent mutilations) were horrible, and the pictures are the most gruesome images I've seen come out of this conflict. They are really bad and don't look if you have a weak stomach, but if you, like me, feel the need to confront this type of thing, they are here and here.


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