Thursday, February 05, 2004

Thank Evolution! 

Well...the Georgia "let's not say evolution thing" didn't last too long.

My guess...that it wasn't really the public uproar that did it. I'm guessing the Chambers of Commerce and other business-minded types in places like Atlanta (where civilization has put down a few roots despite the recalcitrance of most of the South to emerge out of the strange blend of Victorianism and Neanderthalism that is traditional Southern society) don't want the reputation of the state of Georgia to be that of a backasswards pit of ignorance as that would likely lead to decreased investment in the community from the private sector.

Leave it to capitalism to fuck up religion...and if the Cheneys and Fallwells of the world keep up the strange loveathon between the amoral capitalist-evangelicals and the hyper-moral (at least where others are concerned) "religious" "right", that won't be a figure of speech for long.

Why the "alliance"? Simple. It's easier to manipulate people who believe in the supernatural than those with whom only rational arguments will prove persuasive, and since nobody but the rich would really vote for a Cheney-style economy (supply-side, rich get richer, "trickledown") unless the argument was tied to something totally irrational, like presuppositions about the unknowable or visceral bigotry. That's how I see it...the religious and bigoted (and I don't mean to conflate the two in any way) poor are simply manipulated by others who only superficially accept (or in the case of bigotry, covertly imply that they might, possibly, accept) the manipulatable belief(s).

UPDATE: I like the word "manipulatable". It's got a certain "something completely incorrect" about it that is alluring and sexy in much the same way as Andrew Sullivan's ideas.


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