Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Tbag's Balls-Out Endorsement for the Democratic Presidential Ticket 

John Edwards.

He's convinced me that he's a real populist. Of course, Clinton convinced me of the same thing, and although he went that way for a while he turned out to be a dud (primarily because he opened himself up to attacks that necessitated his wibbly-wobbly compromise-athon and leadership drought). Maybe I just fall for the slick Southern speakers (and other alliterations). Well, hopefully Edwards doesn't squander his credibility and goodwill by bangin' ugly broads (whether or not he gets the nomination).

I'm not a HUGE fan of Kerry...his record is solid and I think he's a good person, but he's so open to attack on the class thing. If he can deflect it the way Bush did, he's set...but it's harder for a "liberal" to do that. Most important is that he really seems to be committed (within bounds of pragmatism) to campaign finance reform which, aside from the drug war, is likely my pet issue.

So...Edwards is my favorite, but if Kerry gets the nom (not inevitable, but looking likely) you'll see a button on my lapel.

UPDATE: Let me make myself completely clear. Now that the Liebergnome is out of the race, I'm backing whoever the Dems nominate. In fact...for the first time in my life, I'm openly claiming myself to be Tbag - Democrat from Texas.


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