Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Rod Paige - Foot in Mouth 101 

Yeah boy. The NEA is PISSED! And you know what it's like when public school teachers get pissed. Last bunch I'd wanna be in bad graces with.

Well Rod Paige, our Secretary of Education did call them terrorists...so I guess he better get ready for the firestorm that's a comin'. Paige was the Superintendant of the Houston Independent School District while I was there attending public schools and I have to say that the man is next to worthless. I was really surprised when I heard about his appointment, and I'm sure many in Houston were, especially when we heard the PR version of what was supposedly going on in the city we were actually living and attending school in.

Anywho. When the Secretary of Education calls the largest teachers union in the country a "terrorist organization" in front of almost every governor in the country, I think it's safe to say that PR was not at the top of the agenda. His ass deserves to be fired, and I hope the NEA pulls it off.


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