Thursday, February 05, 2004

Plame Investigation 

The shit is slowly hitting the fan in the Plame scandal.

And, shockingly, it looks like the outting is a product of Cheney's office. Whooda thunkit? The answer, of course, is "anyone with more than a gram or two of grey matter between their ears."

UPDATE: Ezra at Pandagon says that the Cheney camp's guilt is bad for Democrats. I fully understand his point, but as a newly christened Dem, I guess I'm short on loyalty. Either that or I'm long on loathing for our vice president, whom I see as the embodiment of corporate capture of government. If he goes down as a patsy, I'll still cheer. I'll just try to implicate Bush in the whole fiasco as much as possible. I don't like Rudy G. that much, but if I get to shop for possible VPs, I'd certainly rather have him in there than Cheney. Rudy's wrong about almost everything, but he does have a heart and a brain that are connected to one another, which is more than I can say for most of the people around Bush as it is now. Anywho. Bring Cheney down...nobody deserves it more. Then lets get those other investigations going on him to make his last leap back into the private sector a money-losing venture instead of a profiteers dream.


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