Wednesday, February 18, 2004


So Pakistan won't allow inspections of its nuclear sites, even after its key weapons developer was discovered leaking nuclear secrets to our good buddies Iran, Lybia and North Korea. He's got a good point on the whole sovereignty issue, and I've no quibble with his position when I see it from his shoes.

I do have a problem with how the Bush Fuckupistration is handling this. I understand that Dicta..er..."President" Mushyface is our "ally" in the war on "terror" and all, but shouldn't this kind of bother us? I've posted on this before (and I'd link to it but my archives are all fucked). It just goes to show that our foreign policy, though couched in terms of "moral clarity" is in reality a FUCKING NIGHTMARE OF INCONSITENCIES!!! And I'm not talking about the kind of inconsitencies that may lead to lack of "good-will" for America around the world (though that is clearly an issue), but the kind of inconsistencies that put nuclear weapons in the hands of our enemies. The whole point of this war we're in now was to prevent that. What did we do? We spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives attacking and occupying a country with an admittedly bad leader but NO WMD, while we sit back and sort of half-criticize our "ally" as it ACTUALLY SELLS SECRETS TO DANGEROUS STATES.


UPDATE: Oh yeah...link via Digby.


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