Thursday, February 26, 2004

Gay Marriage III 

The more I think and read about this issue, the more I'm being drawn into this culture war.

I thought about all of my gay friends, both present and from the past. I grew up doing theatre in Houston. I started acting when I was 9. From an early age I was very close to a great many gay men and women through my activities in the arts. I remember the fight I had with my parents when they expressed concern about an older (gay) actor in one show I was in. I was livid. The man was a father-figure to me. He was a phenomenal artist and a beautiful person. This is about civil rights. It's also about my friends. My first college roommate was gay. I remember how much trouble he and his boyfriend (later one of my best friends) went through to keep me from finding out. After all, I was a pot-luck roommate...what would I think? I kept insisting that I understood and it was okay, but it wasn't until I walked in on them kissing and laughed so hard I almost died as they tried to play it off that they finally let down their guard. What were they afraid of? Why should anyone be afraid to be who they are? This is an attack not only on a group of people, however, but on our constitution as well. Andrew Sullivan says it quite nicely:

"When people tell me that, in weighing the political choices, the war on terror should trump the sanctity of the Constitution, my response is therefore a simple one. The sanctity of the Constitution is what we are fighting for. We're not fighting just to defend ourselves. We are fighting to defend a way of life: pluralism, freedom, equality under the law. You cannot defend the Constitution abroad while undermining it at home. It's a contradiction. And it's a deeply divisive contradiction in a time of great peril."

Damn straight. So sign me up. Bush drafted me in the culture war. And the more I think about it...the more I mull it over...the readier I become to fight. If there was a protest tomorrow, I'd see you in the street. Am I fighting for marriage of one kind or another? Hell no. I'm fighting for two things: civil rights and my friends.

(edited to remove an out-of-context quotation)


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