Sunday, February 29, 2004


This shit is a mess. It's like these little battles are popping up all over the country. I thought Texans were nuts, but this shit ain't even in the deep South...

The ideological battle for control over our system of public education is one that has been raging at the local level for a long time now. Leiter posts on it regularly with greater efficacy and insight than I come close to mustering here.

I think the fight on school boards and campuses all over the country is another, preexisting front in the greater culture war that has its centerpiece currently in the gay marriage "debate", and a much more important one. It is the ability of social conservatives to organize at the local level and bring these challenges to rational thought that has made them powerful enough as a political force to have earned the pandering that is the Hate Amendment and it's inevitable progeny at all levels of government.

The ability of those on the side of "morality" to conflate advocating religious freedom (the non-sponsorship of any particular religion or its views by the state) with "secularism" (the supposed push by the godless to remove religion from society) is frustrating. The fight over public education and it's treatment of creationist views of the world must not be allowed to fall into this framework. Creationism is religion, whether or not the word "creation" has the word "science" tacked onto it as an erroneous and intentionally misleading afterthought. Whatever your view of the theory of evolution, the teaching of creationism, under any monicker, is state establishment of religion and contrary to our constitution and the values upon which this nation was founded.

(Note: Edited to be a real post instead of a half-assed one and then again moments later to make it coherent[ish])


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