Thursday, February 26, 2004


Clearchannel has entered the culture war. True to form they've cast their lot for monoto--er--morality. Funny they take Stern off the air right as the gay marriage abomination gets Bush's support.

I'm not a big fan of Stern. I think he's a mysoginist. But he's got a right to say his piece, and he's been on the air for a long time. Why the sudden change of heart? It scares me that the move to attack homosexuals is paralleled with a move to censor an outspoken radio personality. If it's morality that Clearchannel is trying to enforce, then why play songs by Nellie and 50 Cent?

Media conglomeration...the one issue I'm sorry is flying under the radar given the nightmare that is the Bush administration and the rise of the "religious" "right".

UPDATE: I've nothing against Nellie or 50 per se. I don't care for their music (except occasionally when the Neptunes or Timbaland are working the nobs). They're used only as archetypes of music that scares old white people and get massive radio play on Clearchannel stations.


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