Thursday, February 26, 2004

Bad Theology? 

Ezra at Pandagon takes the time to make a theological/linguistic argument against the use of the bible by the "religious" "right" to villify homosexuals. I've read the bible twice. I've not read it since studying linguistics, philosophy, and literature enough and feel like I might get more from my reading if I took another whack at it. Even with my limited knowledge, I still find Ezra's argument somewhat weak at points (or at least loose). However, his basic thesis is solid. There simply isn't much (if anything of substance) in the text to support the "God hates fags!" motto of some of the more extreme zealots on the right.

In fact, Jesus taught inclusion, empathy and urged us to love others regardless of who they are. I'm sorry to see a great man's teaching twisted so completely that it has become a vehicle for division and hate. The cliche' "God save me from your followers" comes back to mind.

Ezra puts it quite well:

"Jesus brought a message of hope, tolerance and forgiveness. Those who claim to speak for him today are preaching hate, discrimination and fear. These two messages cannot be reconciled and it is the students, not the Teacher, who lie in the wrong."


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