Saturday, February 14, 2004

Army Intelligence Visits UT Law 

This is dispicable. Yeah. I'm sure there were terrorists hanging out in the Sheffield Room. In fact, by their standards, I'm sure I'm a "suspicous Middle Eastern man" depsite the fact that I'm a whitebread Houstonian from a Southern Baptist family who would likely have to trace his ancestry back to early Mesopotamia to account for any roots in the middle east.

I've alot to say about this type of activity on the part of the government, but I'm not in the mood to spout it now. You make your own decision about whether you want military intelligence snooping around your school demanding videos and people's personal information on account of an event having the word "Islam" in it. Or maybe it was the word "Sexism" and these people were just trying to bravely defend the 19th Amendment? I'm sickened.


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