Monday, January 19, 2004

Kerry takes Iowa 

Go fuckin' figure.

I give up on guessing who will win what, and I don't presume to know why who won what it was that was won by said winner. But I can say the results blindsided me.

Of course, that last line was a lie. I'll continue to predict poorly, and Dean flopped from endorsements (contradicted his anti-establishment line) and people wanting someone electable (which would explain Kerry's come-out-of-nowhere win). And NH will see a penguin eat all the candidates except Kucinich, who will go on to win the general after announcing that his VP is a fellow elf from Happy-Magic Land (the invisible 51st state). He'll then sprinkle fairy dust on the Middle East and every gun will turn into a tulip made of love.

UPDATE: Haloscan's fried right now, so no comments. If it doesn't come back up by tomorrow, I'll consider raising a finger to correct the situation.

UPDATE AGAIN: Comments back up...huzzah!


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