Thursday, December 04, 2003

Terrorism of a Different Hue 

Based on the fact that I live less than 300 miles from where this went down, and still am just now hearing about it...I guess that white supremacist terrorists are less dangerous than the Muslim ones I keep hearing about on the national news.

If these guys had been brown, this would be PLASTERED all over every national news program and cable news network in the country.

Why is this not a huge deal? I'm glad that the administration and the FBI appear to be taking it seriously, but where's the fuckin' media?

And what is this?:

"William J. Krar, originally from New Hampshire, last week pleaded guilty in Tyler federal court to possession of a chemical weapon near the East Texas town of Noonday. He faces up to ten years in prison. His common-law wife, Judith Bruey, pleaded guilty to lesser weapons charges and faces up to five years in prison."

WHAT?!?! These fuckers should be in Gitmo if anybody should, goddamnit (and nobody should, by the way). If we're gonna have a war on terror, let's take it seriously...stop using FBI resources to investigate protestors and instead focus on putting nuts like these away for a REALLY LONG TIME (with due process).


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