Thursday, December 04, 2003


More on that vast gray area and great unknown of "Intelligence".

Now, a former Israeli member of the itelligence community is indicting his country's assessment of the Iraq threat as bolstering the American and British case for war despite a lack of...well...certainty, truth, or viable analysis.

I don't take this as some conspiracy, and nobody else should either. He clearly states the failure was one of mistake and not orchestrated, but a failure nonetheless...and a failure that was used as evidence to support our failure. Sounds like the alarmism just snowballed to the degree that it had the ring of SOME truth, as even most anti-warriors (to steal a term from a friend) conceded leading up that there was likely more there than we have since found after going in (myself included).

I just hope this doesn't give rise to cries from the irrational wing of the American left (read ANSWER) to start spouting off about some Jewish conspiracy. I think Jeff has fairly successfully (if occasionally with more semantic sledgehammering than necessary) tracked on his blog a disturbing strain of anti-semitism bubbling up from the left worldwide. He's (along with others) convincing me, but not so much that I think the vociferous anti-semitism apparent on the extreme right is being overshadowed.

This just adds fuel to the fire that alarmism was rampant...who's to blame? Who knows...it could be totally situational. I do think, however, that Cheney didn't mind it being there (or Wolfowitz, Perle, etc...read neocons and oilmen).


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