Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Drug War Hocus Pocus 

Real methodologcially sound science has no place in the debate over American drug policy.

This is just another example of that sad fact.

This guy is using taxpayer money to create bogus "scientific" results so he can get more tax money to do the same thing, so that the government can be justified in spending MORE tax money to upkeep a bloated bureaucracy with a self-interest in the criminalization of drugs, which then advertises the bogus science as "education", further obscuring the truth about psychoactives and causing more ignorant users who then turn into abusers, who may or may not die or become infirm because of their miseducation.

The whole issue is a mess, and both sides of the drug war debate are bipartisan. Some of the worst propagandists sit on both sides of the aisle, as well as some of the most ardent reformists.

Dr. Ricaurte has been well known in reform circles for a long time. His "research" has been the government's last recourse for some flimsy evidence supporting their counterproductive and nonsensical policy.

Every fiscal Republican and civil liberties Democrat should be up in arms against the Drug War. It's a tremendous waste of money and, outside of the Patriot Act, the most significant threat to the Bill of Rights, especially where property rights are concerned.

If you so much as drink caffeine or alcohol, and you favor harsh drug laws, then count yourself as a member of the "hypocrite" column in my little black book.

Once again...I'm not arguing for a sudden, complete legalization of drugs (or even a slow, complete legalization). I just want a fair debate about it, free of stigma created by propaganda paid for by my tax dollars. We need to examine and reform the whole way we look at this issue, lest we ruin more lives in the search for the unattainable holy grail of a "drug-free America". There has never been, in the history of the world, a "drug-free" society, and there never will be.


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